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Architectural studio located in São Paulo, founded by architect Gabriel de Lucca, graduated from Universidade Belas Artes, after collaborating in internationally recognized offices such as Estúdio Carlos Fortes and Simone Mantovani.


The office operates in a diversified way both in typology and in

as in scale. From architecture, interiors, renovations

to objects and temporary exhibitions.

Our projects are the result of an equation that

combines program, location, legislation, budget

and term related to the needs of each client.

Regardless of the scale everything is defined around proportion,_cc781905-5cbbde-3194-36
light and materials valued for their simplicity, with special
attention to detail and finish.


Telephone// 11 98442—0346


Address// R. Carlos Villalva, 1 conj. 63 + 64 — Vila Guarani — São Paulo — SP

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