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Place:São Paulo – SP 
Author(s):Gabriel De Lucca 

Construction:Robson Horvath

Woodwork:Rutra woodworking

Locksmiths:MetalWorker Lan

Photos: Fran Parente

The intervention in this apartment located in São Paulo, seeks to nuance the usual sectioning between kitchen, hall, corridor and living room, creating a fluid and integrated space, with large visual fields and a greater wealth in the possibilities of appropriation of spaces, making the most of the issue of natural lighting. The suite was maintained and expanded and one of the bathrooms was redesigned to break the feeling of claustrophobia , turning into a toilet that purposely freed up space for the construction of um bar.

While the constructive option for light materials, such as the oak laminate flooring runs throughout the apartment (except for the kitchen, which has an irregular hexagonal floor and wet areas) make the apartment brighter, highlighting the installed tile.

The lighting was also considered as a great scenario, favoring indirect lights with some points on the ceiling. For the kitchen, applied luminaires were installed with a diffused and soft light effect and for the living room a large pendant with linear and indirect lighting.


Cerâmica Portinari, Cremme, Dalle Piagge, Divano Interiores (Durafloor Laminate Flooring, Santa Luzia Rodapés), Dpot Object, Etna, Fernando Jaeger, Lemca, Lumini, Lurca, Natalia Billa, NPK Mármores, MSA Mármores , Glass Workshop, Phenícia Concept, Positano, Yamamura.

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