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Place:Santo André – SP 
Author(s):Gabriel De Lucca 
Lighting consultancy:Luminica Proyectos 

Construction:Bser Engineering

Woodwork:Rutra Joinery

Locksmith: MetalWorker Lan

Photos: Maíra Acayaba

The interior architecture project of this apartment located in Santo André sought to meet the demands of the program in order to bring natural light and recreate the spaces, eliminating partitions and uniting the environments. In addition, the proposal was to create a cozy and solemn atmosphere, where furniture designed exclusively for the project could be in line with vintage and contemporary furniture. Sober and neutral tones, internal surfaces treated with continuous cloths made of wooden panels connect the environments making them part of a whole. The lighting design favored indirect lights, such as crown molding and table lamps, complemented by points on the ceiling next to some walls.

All spaces have taken the same care of the project and try to create surprises, rhythms and emotions. 


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