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Place:São Paulo - SP 
Author(s):Gabriel de Lucca
Status:Not built 
Nominated for Opera Prima 2016

The approach adopted in the project was based on the integration of the concept of CEU e Ruas da Cidadania, thus seeking to respond to the urban constraints of Heliópolis. What is proposed is not a building, but an architectural ensemble with an emphasis on internal spatiality, aiming at the integration of users as well as their surroundings, with the concern to integrate the city. 
The set is developed from a large metallic roof that houses blocks with independent pre-molded concrete structure at its edges, being articulated by a large central void originating squares, which in turn define the internal circulation of the project._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The service areas and public infrastructure were positioned at the highest level of the land, towards the street with the greatest traffic (Rua Comandante Taylor) where they are connected by a three-story block that connects the levels of the terrain. 
The various uses were destined to the semi-public areas where they are distributed, such as the library, multipurpose rooms, classrooms and the administrative area. On the opposite side, there are pools and courts strategically positioned to make the most of natural lighting.

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