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Place:São Paulo - SP 
Author(s):Gabriel de Lucca and Michel Melo

Construction:Bser Engineering

Woodwork:Rutra Joinery
Photos:Maíra Acayaba

The project's premise was based on the reformulation of an existing space, in a plastic surgery clinic. The concept was established through conceiving a cozy and modern space, with light and pure aesthetics resulting in a cohesive and balanced environment where efficiency takes on multiple aspects: technical, functional and aesthetic. 

In contrast to the white, which characterizes the general atmosphere of the space, elements of fixed furniture were designed, such as the reception desk delimited by wooden slats and Carrara Gióia marble slabs.

Lighting is enhanced with the use of moldings with indirect lighting and LED fixtures. Acoustics is vital and appears in the choice of coatings, ceilings and the construction process.


Barotti Design, BHP, Dpot, Estúdio Bola, Galeria Rabieh, Lumini, NPK Mármores, Primo Glass, Projinox, Tiga Marbles.

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